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 Chibas - SL [ACCEPTED]

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PostSubject: Chibas - SL [ACCEPTED]   Chibas - SL [ACCEPTED] Icon_minitimeTue Dec 01, 2009 10:48 pm


Nickname :Chibas
Class: SL
Planned Woe build:
Str 39
Int 48+17
Dex 80 + 20 ( +8 Dex Food)
Vit 90+7

Planned Woe skilltree (Skill Simulator) :http://web.hc.keio.ac.jp/~fk061999/himeyasha/skill3/slk.html?10GA3ffHTqpaodoqsrDbnadxn1jX
Current gears (screenshot if possible) :

Planned gears :
+7 Feather Beret
Alarm Mask
+7/8 Silk Robe (marc/ed/swordfish(fe))
+4 CK
+7 Valk Shield (thara)
+7 Skin Of Ventus (raydric)
+7 HQS (Green Ferus)
Hiding Rosary/Rosary(alligator)/Nimble Glove(not sure about this on)

General Questions

- Motivations to play RO (What do you like in this mmorpg ?)WOE!
- Why do you wanna join us?Seems to be a nice Woe/Mvp guild, and friendly
- Do you know some guys from the guild here?-
- What is the experience you have in the class you want to play?1 Year Playing SL, 5 years playing RO. Played FeelRO Tournament in RB .
- Do you play other MMORPG's (+ time compared to RO)?-
- Old guilds (servers)?legacy, phase(BrotherHood/Unknown), feelro(WG/Kawai Rage),destinaRO(RoBuddies/ACU).

About woe (Yeah we are a woe oriented guild).

- Availability for Woe?All
- Weekly time you spend on getting mats for woe?At least 2 hours a day
- Types and quantities of used consumables ?Condensed White, Royal Jellys, Autorathive Badges, Resist Pots, Dex Foods
- Explain (briefly) your role in a Woe? (SE - FE) Link some classes, Kaupe Spam, Eske Guardians, Kaite before entering precast(fe) and always when players don't have assump(SE)
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PostSubject: Re: Chibas - SL [ACCEPTED]   Chibas - SL [ACCEPTED] Icon_minitimeTue Dec 01, 2009 11:09 pm

Sounds fine, Welcome!

Chibas - SL [ACCEPTED] Kr_ken
Chibas - SL [ACCEPTED] Kr
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Chibas - SL [ACCEPTED]
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