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PostSubject: StarSupport HP   StarSupport HP Icon_minitimeSat Dec 26, 2009 4:09 pm

- Character

Nickname : Star
Class: HP
Planned Woe build: 99 int, 53 dex 97 vit
Planned Woe skilltree (Skill Simulator) : Tanez Cade Healer thing
Increase Spiritual Power Level 5
Safety Wall Level 10
Resurrection Level 1
Impositio Manus Level 5
Suffragium Level 3
Aspersio Level 4
Sanctuary Level 7
Recovery Level 1
Kyrie Eleison Level 4
Magnificat Level 3
Gloria Level 5
Lex Divina Level 5
Lex Aeterna Level 1
Assumptio Level 5
Meditatio Level 10
Current gears (screenshot if possible) : https://2img.net/h/oi50.tinypic.com/33k4xaf.jpg[
Planned gears : +10 SoR, D rings, D etc. or BG gear :(

General Questions

- Motivations to play RO (What do you like in this mmorpg ?) Alot of cool people
- Why do you wanna join us? Bezerkers were cool
- Do you know some guys from the guild here? I do
- What is the experience you have in the class you want to play? I played Soul linker and HP on ero v1
- Do you play other MMORPG's (+ time compared to RO)? Nope
- Old guilds (servers)? Keep Rolling - Chonros RO

About woe (Yeah we are a woe oriented guild).

- Availability for Woe? Yes
- Weekly time you spend on getting mats for woe? BG all day
- Types and quantities of used consumables ? Foods Pots w/e is in BG
- Explain (briefly) your role in a Woe? (SE - FE) Heal Cades and buff other members, santuary emp and sw it
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PostSubject: Re: StarSupport HP   StarSupport HP Icon_minitimeSat Dec 26, 2009 5:41 pm

+1 if we need hp.
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StarSupport HP
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