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PostSubject: MiSuZzu - HP   MiSuZzu - HP Icon_minitimeSun Feb 14, 2010 7:12 pm

Age : 16 GMT +1 Czech Republic
Main character nick: MiSuZZu
Class and Level/Job: 98/67 almost 99/68
Other classes you could play: CHAMP / CREA / PROF
Available times to play: i play every day 2-5 hours... BOTH woe
Consumables items used in woe: food +7int/dex/vit , Blues,Strawberrys, Consed Whites, Speeds, Berrys,Seeds,Resists

WoE attendance (Saturday and Sunday): i WoEing both ..... full sopporter, able to use + 500 Blues for WoE and 2k whites....
4 years exp,


EQUIPAMENTS AND BUILD My current eqp is sux ... but will be much better !!!! in inventory is : +6 wool + dokebi, +8 SoR, Long Mace and Safety ring i forgot on other char, +7 silk with Pasana, +7 saint + pecoMiSuZzu - HP ScreenEcliptica080

- Post the equipments that u want to have in some time (final equips and switchs):
Final build : 91+19 Dex, 92+8 Vit, 38+12 Int, 33+17 str .... rest will be int or str current heal is 2200 with SoR.....sancuary heal 846+
Final eqp / stats with +7 int/dex/vit food + kiss/bragi/apples

- Brief history on RO - What guilds we're you in previously? Why did you quit/disband? Azure ( Ete v.2), Ethereal (ete v.3), TSO ( DiscoveryRO), and small guilds what i forgot name :)

Your focus in RO - Make friends, PvP, MvP, woe? i like PvPing but more i like WoE/MVP ... Hocus / Endless is my life :) iam friendly

Sell yourself - What can you bring to our Guild? What separates you from other players in your class? ill try to support all, BUFF/SANC/SUF/ASP/IMP/PNEU/SW/STATUS/BSS/KE ... all skills only for u

Were you from another guild? What guild? Why did you left?Ethereal .... Ara made from it duals/PvM guild.... because Azure is familliar guild with Ete and a lot ppl went there :(

How did you know the guild and why do you want to join us? (if you know someone in our guild, tell us i think i could help you guys.....i wanna any good WoE SE guild after Ethereal, ETH was good but no more ppl online... + i have here friends from other servers

You know that if you don't cooperate, act for the group or listen to the leaders you can be kicked? i listen to leader all times... leader is 80% of good going guild

if somethnig will be not work.... ill try repair it ..... if you need more info about me, just post here and i answer
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PostSubject: Re: MiSuZzu - HP   MiSuZzu - HP Icon_minitimeSun Feb 14, 2010 7:13 pm

Not looking for HP dext, sry, we got a bunch of them.

MiSuZzu - HP Kr_ken
MiSuZzu - HP Kr
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MiSuZzu - HP
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