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 ltachi (Soul Linker)

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PostSubject: ltachi (Soul Linker)   ltachi (Soul Linker) Icon_minitimeSat Feb 20, 2010 5:26 pm

- Character

Nickname : ltachi
Class: Soul Linker
Planned Woe build:
Planned Woe skilltree (Skill Simulator) :ltachi (Soul Linker) Ltachiskilltree
Current gears (screenshot if possible) : ltachi (Soul Linker) Ltachicurrentgears
Planned gears : Horong, maybe ED (it depends on woe), and maybe Green Ferus

General Questions

- Motivations to play RO (What do you like in this mmorpg ?) Woe is the best part in ro imo and I did this Soul Linker quickly especially for woe (I started playing two weeks ago)
- Why do you wanna join us? I was New Breath and I know that this a important woeing guild.
- Do you know some guys from the guild here? Of course, I was NB.
- What is the experience you have in the class you want to play? I would say nothing except what I played for two weeks, but it's a very easy class to play and I rather have an important ro experience.
- Do you play other MMORPG's (+ time compared to RO)? No.
- Old guilds (servers)? New Breath/ Lycans / Gold Saints and a lot of low rate servers which I don't remember their names exactly.

About woe (Yeah we are a woe oriented guild).

- Availability for Woe? I woud say 9/10 on Sunday and I don't know about Saturday, but I think at least 1/2.
- Weekly time you spend on getting mats for woe? I always used to spend a lot of time to get mats for woe but I don't know about SL, but I would spend the time I have to spend to get ready for more than 2 hours/woe.
- Types and quantities of used consumables ? I'm not sure about quantities, but I can say that I will use a lot of blue pots, condensed white po, some autho. badge and speed pots, and foot dex/vit +7.
- Explain (briefly) your role in a Woe? (SE - FE) I have to soul link Jubia (gm stalk), wizards, soul linkers, sinX, clowns/gipsys and WS. Kaite everybody before rushing in FE, perhaps I will have to in SE too. I have to eska barricade while we are defending in SE, and if we are getting guardians then I maybe could eske them (if they're are not useless?). If there is anything else to do, I'll certainly learn it.

Otherwise as you can see I didn't used my status point yet so that I can change my build, but I have used all my skills points (needed to bg).

PS : My ign is Ltachi (not itachi) =(
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PostSubject: Re: ltachi (Soul Linker)   ltachi (Soul Linker) Icon_minitimeSat Feb 20, 2010 5:40 pm

That's ok. In.
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PostSubject: Re: ltachi (Soul Linker)   ltachi (Soul Linker) Icon_minitimeSat Feb 20, 2010 5:41 pm


ltachi (Soul Linker) Kr_ken
ltachi (Soul Linker) Kr
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PostSubject: Re: ltachi (Soul Linker)   ltachi (Soul Linker) Icon_minitime

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ltachi (Soul Linker)
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